H2C Hotel Milanofiori
Via Roggia Bartolomea, 5 - 20090 Assago (MI)
T. +39 02 366 87553
P.IVA 03370030961
Registro Imprese di Milano n. 03370030961 - R.E.A 1670151
Share Capital € 20.000,00

H2C Hotel

An informal approach welcomes guests to H2C Hotel Milanofiori in a professional and at the same time welcoming environment, ideal for organizing meetings or corporate events in Milan, the economic capital of Italy.
The hotel matches perfectly the spirit inspiring the design of the Milanofiori complex: surrounded by the large green spaces of the Agricolo Park in South Milan, the concept of this structure makes of the respect for nature an asset, with high standards of environmental sustainability and livability together with a contemporary and functional design.

H2C Hotel

Discover all the advantages of a stay at H2C Hotel and book with us:
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Located a few minutes from Assago Milanofiori, the A7 Genoa-Milanhighway exit and a short walk from the Line M2 subway station, H2C Hotel enjoys a prime location for a business or leisure trip in Milan.


Don't miss the offers at the H2C Hotel, the best rates and the highest standard of facilities for a comfortable stay in Milanofiori.