H2C Hotel Milanofiori
Via Roggia Bartolomea, 5 - 20090 Assago (MI)
T. +39 02 366 87553
P.IVA 03370030961
Registro Imprese di Milano n. 03370030961 - R.E.A 1670151
Share Capital € 20.000,00


Choose CeceNero for your business lunch or dinner in a cozy and elegant setting.

The Cece Nero restaurant, housed in H2C Hotel is the right place to organize lunches and dinners in the Milanofiori business center. Many managers choose to invite co-workers and clients for an informal meeting in the simple and peaceful design of this restaurant, or to break the routine of a working day with a relaxing lunch.

The delicious courses, presented with sophistication and imagination and cooked with fresh seasonal ingredients, is a pleasant accompaniment for a business conversation, which takes place in a professional, discreet and peaceful context.

In summer, you can use the terrace for coffee breaks and small outdoors meetings, to gather collaborators and customers in an informal and pleasant open-air space during workshops and meetings that take place in the hotel or in other offices of the Milanofiori district.


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